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Re: Building mirage-www

removing the relevant "sudo" line from the makefile

After removing 'sudo' from the goal 'run'

        cd src && sudo mirari run www.conf $(FLAGS)

the make went ahead and stopped here:
Devices: [templates] waking
Devices: [templates] waking
Devices: [templates] waking
Devices: [static] provider start
Devices: [static:static] provider plug
Devices: [static:static] no waiters
listening to HTTP on port 80\nFatal error: exception Unix.Unix_error(1, "bind", "")
make[1]: *** [run] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/phiho/mirage-www'
make: *** [unix-socket-run] Error 2
you could try changing the port in www.conf 

Please find my 'src/www.conf' is appended below, which port do I need to change?

'http-port' was changed from '80' to '81' and the same result as above



# IP of the app
#ip-use-dhcp: true

# TCP settings
http-port: 80
http-address: *

# Filesystem
fs-static: ../files
fs-templates: ../tmpl

# Main function
main-http: Dispatch.t

# Dependencies
depends: cohttp.mirage, uri, re, cow.syntax, cow, ulex, uri, xmlm
packages: cohttp, cow, mirage-fs, mirage-net, uri, xmlm

On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 3:00 PM, Richard Mortier <Richard.Mortier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 5 Aug 2013, at 16:00, Phiho Hoang wrote:

> > what does "which mirari" say when *not* running as sudo?
> phiho@mirage:~/mirage-www$ which mirari
> /home/phiho/.opam/4.00.1+xen/bin/mirari
> > are you sure you ran "eval $(opam config env)"?
> I think so.
> I just did it again, and the same result.

ok, i guess it'll be a sudo path inheritance thing then.

you could try changing the port in www.conf and removing the relevant "sudo" line from the makefile to check i guess...



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