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Re: Building mirage-www

The reason this is happening is a sudo feature called "env_keep", which resets 
environment variables after you sudo for security reasons.

One casualty of this is OPAM, which normally installs binaries in 
~/.opam/<compiler>/bin and adds it to the user PATH.  However, when you are 
sudoing, the PATH is reset to the root default one, and thus mirari (installed 
by OPAM) cannot be found.

And when you don't sudo, you don't have sufficient privileges to open the 
tuntap device.  You can either fix this by giving yourself the right 
capabilities from your normal user to access the relevant resource, or by 
moving the mirari binary to somewhere visible within the global PATH for root 
(e.g. /usr/local/bin/mirari).

We should fix this in the Makefiles, but I'm not quite sure what the best way 
to do this is, as Mirari is one of the only host tools that has this problem.  
Thomas, any thoughts on this "binary promotion"?




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