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[MirageOS-devel] mirage-1.1.1 released

I just merged the 1.1.1 release with the aforementioned incompatibilities 
fixed, and a few other bug fixes.  I'll do a blog post when I get the 
mirage-dns library done.


mirage.1.1.1 (2014-02-21):
* Man page fixes for typos and terminology (#220).
* Activate backtrace recording by default (#225).
* Fixes in the `V1.STACKV4` to expose UDPv4/TCPv4 types properly (#226).

cstruct.1.1.0 (2014-02-19)
* Improve bounds checks on sub, shift, set_len, add_len.
* Add `to_bigarray` to convert back into a Bigarray slice.

dns.0.8.0 (2014-02-21):
* Use `Ipaddr.V6` to restore IPv6/AAAA RR support.
* `process_query` now takes an output buffer so it doesn't have to
  overwrite the input buffer it just parsed.
* Add Travis continuous integration scripts.
* Regenerate with OASIS 0.4.1
* Split the `dns.lwt` into a portable `dns.lwt-core` that doesn't
  require Unix (from which a Mirage version can be built).  The only
  change to existing applications is that Unix-specific functions
  have shifted into `Dns_resolver_unix` or `Dns_server_unix`, with
  the module types for `PROCESSOR` and `CLIENT` unchanged.

tcpip.1.1.1 (21-February-2013):
* Catch and ignore top-level socket exceptions (#219).
* Set `SO_REUSEADDR` on listening sockets for Unix (#218).
* Adapt the Stack interfaces to the v1.1.1 mirage-types interface
  (see mirage/mirage#226 for details).

Mirage-skeleton also has a new dns/ directory with a skeleton
app (that is overly complicated for now until its logic gets pulled
into a library, but it does serve DNS traffic :)

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