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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Regarding Bisect Coverage Bugs on ubuntu12.04 platform

(again, cc'ing back to the list as others may find the response of use)

On 13 Mar 2014, at 21:52, Narayana Reddy Y <narayana1208@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thank you and i will try Utop method once.
> I would be grateful to you if explain me clearly what is this tweaking _oasis 
> file and ocamlbuild .how you used this that i am not able to get please 
> explain a bit more clear.

the _oasis tweak was simply to add "bisect" to the package dependencies:

diff --git a/_oasis b/_oasis
index 77f48af..d54bf3f 100644
--- a/_oasis
+++ b/_oasis
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ BuildTools:  ocamlbuild
 Library uri
   Path:       lib
   Modules:    Uri,Uri_re,Uri_IP
-  BuildDepends: re.posix,re.str
+  BuildDepends: re.posix,re.str, bisect

 Flag tests
   Description:        Build and run tests

...then regenerate oasis derivatives:

$ opam install oasis
$ oasis setup

...then add a dependency on camlp4 for the bisect syntax extensions in the 
_tags file:

diff --git a/_tags b/_tags
index bf86e80..21972e5 100644
--- a/_tags
+++ b/_tags
[oasis derived changes elided]
 true: annot
+<lib/*>: syntax_camlp4o
+<lib_test/*>: syntax_camlp4o

...then fix a couple of syntax errors that seemed to arise in lib/uri.ml where 
local module scooping seemed to break (not sure why, perhaps the syntax 
additions for bisect affect this? or perhaps it's a syntax difference between 
the byte and native compilers, but that seems like it would be a pretty serious 
bug that would've been caught... :)

diff --git a/lib/uri.ml b/lib/uri.ml
index 723a4f4..d30662f 100644
--- a/lib/uri.ml
+++ b/lib/uri.ml
@@ -295,11 +295,11 @@ let to_string uri =
   (match uri.query with
    |[] -> ()
-   |q -> Buffer.(add_char buf '?'; add_string buf (Query.encoded_of_query q))
+   |q -> Buffer.add_char buf '?'; Buffer.add_string buf 
(Query.encoded_of_query q)
   (match uri.fragment with
    |None -> ()
-   |Some f -> Buffer.(add_char buf '#'; add_pct_string f)
+   |Some f -> Buffer.add_char buf '#'; add_pct_string f
   Buffer.contents buf

...and then build the byte compiled version:

$ ocamlbuild -classic-display lib_test/test_runner.byte

running the test_runner.byte output should then generate the bisect logs which 
you can parse to html and view as per the instructions.

(there may be smarter/better ways of doing this -- i've not used bisect before.)



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