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[MirageOS-devel] irminsule merge

Hi all,

I've been working the last few weeks on the merge functions for Irminsule. The 
idea is to let the user define its own function to merge contents, so I've 
tried to design an usable API around that idea. It's not yet totally stable, 
but I think it's start to be usable, you can see an example of timestamped log 
files (where files are interpreted as a list of Log.Elt.t records) here:


I've also started to write a simple combinator library for merge operations 
(which needs to be extended):


See for instance 
https://github.com/samoht/irminsule/blob/master/lib/core/irminMerge.ml#L292 for 
how to define a mergeable counter.

I plan to make a release this week-end, so feel free to use/comment the changes.


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