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[MirageOS-devel] [Cohttp] Proxy and Client information


I am Romain Calascibetta and I work on the integration of the Cohttp Library in the Ocsigen Server Project. For now, I try to take control with this Library and understand as you do.

After much research, I have some questions ð !

The first question concerns the management of pipeline and proxy server. I noticed that you are managing the pipeline as HTTP server but Ocsigen integrates an extension of reverse proxy request reordering queries. For this problem, I thought connecting pipeline managementâs proxy server Ocsigen over Cohttp. It just enough for me to know if it is managed or not.

The second question concerns the client information. I understand the callback system with as an argument, the client ID, the request and body. But Ocsigen requests information such as the IP address and port of the client (or more precisely its sockaddr) and I wondered if there would be a way to get them. I think it would create another module Server with another interface (I could do to better understand the project and propose pull-request).

Thand you for your answers.


Romain Calascibetta - http://din.osau.re/

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