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[MirageOS-devel] Starting to think about Graduating Mirage OS

Hi all,

I wanted to start seeding the idea of "graduating the project" in line with http://www.xenproject.org/governance.html ...

The stats: we have seen quite a bit of growth in list traffic as well as commits and contributors. See * http://bitergia.com/projects/xen-project-dashboard/browser/mls-projects.html * http://bitergia.com/projects/xen-project-dashboard/browser/scm-projects.html (this is incorrect and an underestimate, as I have not received input yet on the correct list of "cloned" repos from the Mirage OS team)

What would need a little bit more analysis is the number of vendors who have contributed and to see whether the community is diversifying. I can also certainly see more cross interfaces and interaction between Mirage OS and the Hypervisor subprojects which is also a positive sign. And a rise of other contributions to say the Developer Summit in terms of submissions that are tied to Mirage OS.

This tells me that a case for graduation and self-sustainability is building. Maybe timing wise - assuming the case holds and we get everone else to agree - aiming for Developer Summit and have an associated press release and/or a 2.0 release around that time would work.

Just some food for thought and discussion

Best Regards

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