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Re: [MirageOS-devel] command line arguments for unikernels

Le dimanche, 30 novembre 2014 Ã 23:03, Richard Mortier a Ãcrit :

> re 1-- i'm quite (indeed, very) happy to have this available to me, though i 
> don't think i'd agree with quite the strength of your statements about 
> exposing configuration options that aren't used ("misleading", "no point"). i 
> don't know the assemblage configuration format at all, but if there are (as 
> seems common with other formats) options that can override or interact with 
> each other, then seeing whatever are the default values provided for those 
> options when they're not explicitly used is rather useful. (particularly if 
> those defaults ever change.)

Anything that eventually has an impact (either directly or indirectly) will be 
documented. Dependencies among configuration keys are tracked.

> re 2-- this seems more of a workflow thing (and remember, the user is always 
> right ;) -- compare the utility of "man bash" to "man make" when writing 
> shell scripts vs makefiles. (at least on all systems i've used recently.) 
> having to get hold of a browser, google for gnumake, find the right gnu.org 
> (http://gnu.org) page and then search through it is a royal pain (even if the 
> bash man page is hardly an exemplar of clarity or organisation).
In this case since you are writing in OCaml against an OCaml API so you are 
less likely to look for information in a man page than in ocamldoc generated 
documentation (though strictly speaking ocamldoc has a, little used, man page 
backend). And no the user is not always right, you should certainly never blame 
it for its actions but that doesn't mean that he is always right, in fact he is 
often wrong especially in what he thinks he wants, that's the reason why we 
have designers.   



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