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Re: [MirageOS-devel] [opam-devel] regular bulk builds: now with HTML output!

>> How about a (potentially dynamic) js_of_ocaml built interface?
> Yep, that would certainly be easy enough since most of the content are
> already just static endpoints and so wouldn't be nearly as complex as the
> URI rewriting required in the IOCaml server for IOCamlJS.

Yeah, I can't imagine you'd need any server side support, but a bit of
xmlHttpRequest client side may possibly make sense (ie loading a
tooltip with specific package version info or somesuch).  The logs
could also be displayed in page rather than on a link if you wanted.

> Any suggestions for js_of_ocaml-friendly HTML5 frameworks?  I really want
> to try out React.js, so I might just take a shot at Semantic-UI and bind
> js_of_ocaml/React to that.

I've only really played with bootstrap before - it was OK and did help
make the page mobile friendly.  Plus it's really only a layer of css
so fairly easy to use.

Semantic-UI looks like a big job to bind to, but maybe that's OK if
you are wanting to learn it as well.


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