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[MirageOS-devel] Help us with OCaml Libuv


A while back on the OCaml mailing list Anil mentioned that it would be useful to have a "a Ctypes binding to libuv, since that could provide the basis for anÂexcellent platform-independent I/O library as an alternative to the Unix".

Zack and I have done the initial legwork required to get this off the ground.

We are at a point now where we need some user input. We currently have the file system module working (tested for our unit tests and some basic example code). We're looking for anyone who would like to try this code on. Once we get some feedback, and if this work seems useful to the community, we will implement the rest of the functionality provided by libuv. We had targeted the initial work towards "framework users" -- that is, fiber, mirage, async, lwt, so the api is meant to be straightforward.

Please reach out with questions and if you are interested in using this work.

Thank you.

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