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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Logging (was: test, quality, tcpip)

On 12 May 2015, at 17:04, Richard Mortier <mort@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> + within each component branch, there is a hierarchy of subordinate
>>> branches, branching each time a message appears at a lower (finer
>>> grained) debug level
>> And this doesn't :)
> I was trying to capture the sequencing in the branching structure
> rather than requiring reconstruction based on timestamps. Given that
> messages often seem to cascade (one error message might relate to
> several warning messages, etc), I could imagine wanting a view where I
> could "roll up" messages (eg., warnings) to some higher level (eg.,
> errors).

That does make a lot of sense!  If the logging rule of thumb is that
the default real-time view should be the same as the default logging
representation (so that logs can be streamed without transcoding into
a different format), then this works.

A representation like this makes logging look more and more like the
profiling library, which also establishes the component hierarchy
explicitly and has similar needs with respect to non-blocking gathering
of log information...


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