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Re: [MirageOS-devel] C.H.I.P.

On 16/05/2015 13:48, Dario Teixeira wrote:
> The CPU of the Allwinner R8 is an ARM Cortex-A8, so the question transits
> to the Xen support for Cortex-A8.  

No there is no support for A8, and there will probably never be (does
not have the virtualisation extensions).

Btw, is there a list somewhere that
> summarises the Xen support for the various ARM processors?  Most SBCs
> these days are based on Cortex-A7 (low-end ones line the RPi2), Cortex-A9
> (mid-end ones like the Cubox-i family or Radxa Rock Pro), or Cortex-A15
> or even Cortex-A17 (for higher-end ones like the Radxa 2).  I think the
> A7 and A17 work with Xen, but not the other ones (but I may be wrong).

A8 and A9 does not work, the rest probably work (at least theoretically).



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