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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Random thought for an OPAM feature

> I think the main source of trouble is that some repositories are not
> packaged and thus it is not obvious which are their dependencies:
> - - mirage-skeleton/mirage-www: should it work with
> mirage-as-released-in-opam? or the development repo mirage-dev? or
> master from various packages?
> In my opinion we should do releases as we go, but have the master
> branches of mirage-skeleton and mirage-www working with the
> opam-repository releases of our toolchains.
> Additionally, we should have dev branches in those repositories which
> work with packages from mirage-dev.

I completely agree that mirage-www and mirage-skeleton should work with 
opam-repository. Having a dev branch on both to work with mirage-dev makes also 


> We can easily setup travis to check those invariants (if we agree on
> them) and document this somewhere (gladly it follows intuition:
> potential new people will opam install mirage and then git clone
> mirage-skeleton (which defaults to master), and expect this to work).
> just my 2 lepton,
> hannes
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