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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Fwd: [ANN] RISC-V backend for the native-code OCaml compiler

On 07/06/2015 19:45, Nicolas Ojeda Bar wrote:
> Forwarding in case it is of interest.
> Best wishes,
> Nicolas

This is really cool, thanks!

I was wondering, since you based your work on the old MIPS backend, how
much work would it be to have a working mips32 native for ocaml ? This
would enable Mirage to run on most openwrt hardware running on MIPS (it
is a _lot_ of really interesting hardware for IoT / mesh networking tasks).

I'm developping a product running on such a platform, and I'd like to
use OCaml on it, but unfortunately it's not really possible to do
anything serious with the bytecode backend (most of the programs does
not compile without hacking their build system, which is more time
consuming than putting a mips32 backend to shape I'm persuaded).


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