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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Logs

Le samedi, 17 octobre 2015 Ã 12:49, Thomas Leonard a Ãcrit :
> (but OCaml libraries don't generally do any logging at all, so it's not a 
> huge issue).

And this tradition should continue as much as possible.  
> Makes sense (I'd expect it to go between warning and info - I can
> imagine wanting to suppress progress without suppressing errors).  

It doesn't really match what I expect from this level which I really see like 
the stdout of you program. So I'd like to be able to redirect the output of the 
program without e.g. getting errors or warnings in the output. For me it is 
also distinct from the info level which I'd use to inform a bit more about what 
is happening internally in the program. Of course you could use a special log 
source for that but then you'd need to devise a special log reporter for that, 
so I prefer if all the reporters have to acknowledge the existence of that 
level and its supposed semantics.

So for now I have kept that as the lowest level and renamed it to `App` rather 
than `Show`. I may still kill the concept though.


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