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My name is Cosmin Boaca and I am a student in 4th year at Politehnica University of Bucharest. I have seen the list of pioneer projects and I am interested in contributing to one of them and use it as subject for my Bachelor's Thesis.

Regarding my technical background, I have a very good knowledge of C++, a fair knowledge of C, and a good understanding of functional programming concepts.

I have attended a functional programming course in Scala on Coursera and have done several assignments on university projects in Haskell. I have basic knowledge of OCaml (the only thing that I have coded in OCaml are problems from 100 problems on their page).

The projects in which I'm interested in are (order is random):

Multi-process/vm support for ocaml ctypes
Macros for OCaml
Create a tiny VM for easy load-testing

Since I want to use the project as my Bachelor's Thesis I will invest quite a lot of time on it, about 20hrs / week or even more if necessary.

Looking forward to your answer.

Thank you,
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