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Re: [MirageOS-devel] How to implement protocols?

"Abstraction should be used where needed, keeping in mind that every 
abstraction is a burden on the reader of the program (e.g. yourself in 5 

WTF. Abstraction is what makes it easier to read and understand the program. 
That's precisely what I see missing from people doing system programming in 
OCaml. Lack of decomposition of your problem into well-defined denotational 
structures and functions. Lack of decomposition of the functions themselves 
into well defined and *named* subexpressions. etc.

Other than that the document feels like unstructured, poorly written [1], 
random rumblings. 



[1] E.g. "A fundamental feature of functional programming is that communication 
between functions is done via arguments and result values solely."

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