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Re: [MirageOS-devel] How to implement protocols?

ironically you've given great feedback, started an interesting debate,
and could have just written less meeting your own, and mort's goals...

p.s. i don't give two hoots what people think of me either:)
but there are people (like the author of the cited work) who study
what does work in creative groups and what doesn't and our personal
experience is anecdote, not data.

another (probably redundant) on topic reference - switchware was one
a while back and was prob. the baseline for doing comms in OCaml

doesn't address the level of detail of abstraction we've been debating

in the s/w eng academic world, people usually ask newbies how fast
they can deal with some pile of code when they havn't been well
acquainted with the specific features being used - for me (def. a
newbie for OCamLl), functors look cool on paper, but the examples
given don't convince (but then I am an anecdote only too)

> Le samedi, 14 novembre 2015 à 16:02, Richard Mortier a écrit :
> > Your relationship with Hannes might mean he doesn't consider that
> > comment rude, but in any case,
> I'm simply being honest about my thoughts. If people take it rudely it's 
> their problem.
> > I thought it might be helpful to put down some thoughts on giving 
> feedback on writing as "... the document
> > feels like unstructured, poorly written, random rumblings" achieves 
> nothing useful,
> [snip the patronizing section]
> Giving good feedback is a very time consuming activity, even if the 
> document is already good. If I had to give good feedback on the current 
> state of the document it would take me so much time that I would 
> basically end up rewriting it entirely. So if you are asking for my time 
> to review something I expect a minimal amount of quality. Before this 
> quality level is reached I reserve myself the right to say that the 
> document feels like unstructured, poorly written, random ramblings.
> > More generally, as this community (hopefully!) continues to grow,
> > http://sarah.thesharps.us/2015/10/06/what-makes-a-good-community/
> > might be a worthwhile read.
> To be honest I don't give a shit about the notion of community. Bands of 
> individuals gather for sometime to share a common goal and create 
> something and then disband to pursue other goals and that's the way it 
> should be. This kind of politically correct nurturing community things 
> tend to produce hypocritical and asslicking cultures for people who value 
> the community (or their position within) more than what it actually 
> produces. And if you value the community more than what it produces you 
> are worshipping shit â?? or at least I'm not personally interested â?? 
> the real world is more interesting.
> Best,
> Daniel
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