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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Build error in the introduction tutorial

Hi Ben;

On 26 November 2015 at 15:29, ben yakawp <ben@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi
> I'm new to mirage and appreciate the work you've done to introduce new
> users to this huge project from the very beginning.


> Now, I'm not absolutely sure what to do next. Normally I would follow
> the README that says
>     $ make console-configure
> but according to your wiki page I have to
>     $ cd console
>     $ mirage configure --unix

These two are (should be anyway!) equivalent -- the Makefile target
just does the same as the wiki instructions. We expanded what's
happening in the wiki instructions to try and make the explanation
less "magic". (Please do file an issue / submit a PR against the
mirage-www repository if you think that needs to be better explained!)

> In this case it doesn't seem to make any difference the error is always
> the same:
> console     => opam install --yes mirage-console mirage-unix
> [NOTE] Package mirage-console is already installed (current version is
> 2.1.3).
> [NOTE] Package mirage-unix is already installed (current version is
> 2.3.1).
> console     => ocamlfind query -format '%p'  -recursive
> mirage-console.unix mirage-types.lwt[ERROR]      command terminated with
> exit code 2
> stderr: ocamlfind: Package `mirage-console.unix' not found

That's ... odd. I'd expect things to work if those packages are
installed. Could you check that you've executed

eval $(opam config env)

...in your shell and try again please?

I've got a deadline today to hit, but I'll try and take a look later
this evening/tomorrow.

Richard Mortier

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