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[MirageOS-devel] Dependencies for project built on Mirage

I want to wrap up my site built using Mirage so that it's as convenient as possible for others to clone, edit, run, and deploy it.

1. I'm unclear on whether I should put the project dependencies in the opam file, or in the config.ml fileÂhttps://github.com/mirage/mirage-skeleton/blob/master/static_website/config.ml#L49

I've added everything to the config.ml file (though I have to re-add it to the merlin file as well, manually keeping things in sync) so that it runs just fine, but is this the way to distribute it for others to hack on?Â

2. Can someone clarify how these pieces fit together, along with with there are two commands:


And whether I should be duplicating packages between them?

3. I'm using menhir in my project, and the source for that code is in a subdir, liquid/, so when running ocamlbuild I need to include the flags `-I liquid -use-menhir`. The makefile that's generated from `mirage configure --unix` doesn't include these flags, and obviously overrides any changes I make to it. Where should I be configuring this kind of thing?

Thanks for the help!

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