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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Dependencies for project built on Mirage

On 20 February 2016 at 21:08, Sean Grove <sean@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I want to wrap up my site built using Mirage so that it's as convenient as
> possible for others to clone, edit, run, and deploy it.
> 1. I'm unclear on whether I should put the project dependencies in the opam
> file, or in the config.ml file
> https://github.com/mirage/mirage-skeleton/blob/master/static_website/config.ml#L49

The dependencies go in the config.ml file, because they will be
different depending on whether you configure for Unix or Xen. There
should be no opam file for a unikernel.

Incidentally, I wonder if we should change the syntax so that OPAM
packages and ocamlfind libraries are specified together? e.g. instead

    ~libraries:["irmin.mem"; "tls.mirage"]
    ~packages:["irmin"; "tls"]
    "Unikernel.Main" ...

maybe we should have something like:

        "irmin", ["irmin.mem"];
        "tls", ["tls.mirage"];
    "Unikernel.Main" ...

Then it's obvious which OPAM package provides each library and it's
harder for them to get out of sync.

> I've added everything to the config.ml file (though I have to re-add it to
> the merlin file as well, manually keeping things in sync) so that it runs
> just fine, but is this the way to distribute it for others to hack on?

Yes. Ideally, I think mirage should generate the .merlin file for you
(and maybe an "opam" file too?) at configure time, but currently it

> 2. Can someone clarify how these pieces fit together, along with with there
> are two commands:
> add_to_ocamlfind_libraries
> add_to_opam_packages
> And whether I should be duplicating packages between them?

I believe these are deprecated and you should use the attributes on
foreign instead.

> 3. I'm using menhir in my project, and the source for that code is in a
> subdir, liquid/, so when running ocamlbuild I need to include the flags `-I
> liquid -use-menhir`. The makefile that's generated from `mirage configure
> --unix` doesn't include these flags, and obviously overrides any changes I
> make to it. Where should I be configuring this kind of thing?

You could perhaps put them in your _tags/myocamlbuild.ml file. The
build system is not ideal...

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