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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Dependencies for project built on Mirage

>  foreign
>    ~packages:[
>        "irmin", ["irmin.mem"];
>        "tls", ["tls.mirage"];
>     ]
>    "Unikernel.Main" ...
> Then it's obvious which OPAM package provides each library and it's
> harder for them to get out of sync.

That's a good idea. Could even be an optional argument as most of the time the 
opam package and findlib library have the same names.

>> 3. I'm using menhir in my project, and the source for that code is in a
>> subdir, liquid/, so when running ocamlbuild I need to include the flags `-I
>> liquid -use-menhir`. The makefile that's generated from `mirage configure
>> --unix` doesn't include these flags, and obviously overrides any changes I
>> make to it. Where should I be configuring this kind of thing?
> You could perhaps put them in your _tags/myocamlbuild.ml file. The
> build system is not ideal...

You can also put things in Makefile.user, so something like:
FLAGS  +=  -I liquid -use-menhir
might work... (untested but I remember doing similar things a few months ago)

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