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[MirageOS-devel] Announcing Solo5/Mirage unikernels on ukvm

Hi All,
I'm excited to announce that Solo5/Mirage unikernels can now run on
Linux/KVM without needing QEMU!  Instead they run on a new "unikernel
monitor" called `ukvm`.
`ukvm` is a small, specialized monitor that fills the role of QEMU in
a normal Linux/KVM/QEMU system.  `ukvm` will run (as a user process)
on any (x86) Linux with the KVM module and start a Solo5/Mirage
unikernel in a hardware-isolated "VM".  The goal of `ukvm` is to be a
small, modular monitor, in which its functionality and interfaces are
minimal and customized to the unikernel that is being built.  It has
the potential to provide a thinner interface to the guest unikernel
(thinner than either a container or a VM), a simpler I/O interface
(e.g., packet send rather than virtio), and better performance due to
its simplicity (e.g., fast boot).
So far, we have a small monitor implementation that is not yet
modular, but demonstrates some dramatically simple interfaces and a
fast boot time.
I've packaged it in a Docker container so it's easier to try out.
Let me know what you think!

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