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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Announcing Solo5/Mirage unikernels on ukvm

-----Anil Madhavapeddy <anil@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: -----
>This is awesomely exciting, Dan!


>This got me wondering -- would you be interested in Mac support?
>We've been doing some work on xhyve recently as part of Docker for
>Mac [1], and the Hypervisor.framework in OSX is similar to /dev/kvm
>in UKC.  xhyve is a very thin library layer over the
>Hypervisor.framework, but it does currently use virtio.
>We could go even thinner than that with a unikernel-tailored shared
>memory interface rather than virtio, and run unikernels on Macs "in
>production" (that is, consider applications like secure key stores or
>backup VMs that you want outside the TCB of the desktop).
>[1] https://blog.docker.com/2016/03/docker-for-mac-windows-beta/

Yes, I think there are lots of reasons to have something similar for desktop 
applications and it sounds like Hypervisor.framework in OSX is a great place to 
start.  I'm not sure about how much of the ukvm code would be reusable.  We 
ultimately want ukvm to be modular, so if there was a way to build a "unikernel 
monitor" out of made-for-Hypervisor.framework modules or made-for-KVM modules, 
that would be ideal!

>>I've packaged it in a Docker container so it's easier to try out.
>A few comments on the packaging:
>- there are ocaml/opam base images available for a variety of distros
>on the Hub, which may be useful to you rather than using the Ubuntu
>PPAs. These come pre-installed with OPAM with an `opam` user.
>- instead of individual pins, you can also create a git repository
>that has a `packages/` subdirectory and has all the pinned packages.
> This cluster of pins can be added to your working set via `opam repo
>add <name> <url>`.  For example,
>see https://github.com/mirage/mirage-dev

Thanks; I'll try these suggestions in the next few days and will ask if I'm 
still confused :)


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