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Re: [MirageOS-devel] [Xen-devel] [PATCH 3/3] Significant changes to decision making; some new roles and minor changes

On 16/08/2016 06:32, "Tim Deegan" <tim@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>At 14:55 +0000 on 15 Aug (1471272946), Lars Kurth wrote:
>> But I see your point. The text should really have said something like...
>> -----
>> In situations where the entire Xen Project community becomes paralysed,
>> the project leaderships team or project lead should work with the
>> community 
>> manager or advisory board to find a way forward.
>> -----
>Sure.  I think that's good.
>> I think we have two options:
>> A) A delete this bullet entirely
>> B) Replace it with something clearer - even though, the location
>> for such a paragraph is wrong.
>> My gut feel is to just go for A.
>Sounds good to me.

Having looked at the text again (making edits for v2), I propose to add
the following
new section to the document.


-   [Community Decisions with Funding and Legal


Community Decisions with Funding and Legal Implications

In some cases sub-project local and global decisions **may require
input** from the [Advisory Board](#roles-ab) and/or the [Linux Foundation]
(#roles-lf). For example, if a proposal by a project leadership team or
a global project decision requires that the project hires a staff member
contractor (e.g. a PR consultant, marketing manager) or requires the
of new infrastructure (e.g. additional test hardware or services) to
said proposal, then funding would need to be secured from the Advisory
Board or 
from other sources.

If for example, a community proposal required the Linux Foundation to sign
a legal agreement with a 3rd party on behalf of the project/sub-project,
of course a review of such an agreement and a signature by the Linux
would be required. 

In such cases, the impacted project leadership team(s) will contact the
Community Manager and/or Advisory Board to resolve possible issues.


I don't think this is in fact a change in governance. It is just clarifying

what has happened in the past. I merely wanted to highlight that in some
cases there are dependencies. We have not had any global changes, where
was the case, but we had a few local ones.

- Windows driver signing required buying a cert and an agreement between
  LF and Microsoft to deliver signed windows drivers
- The way how we make hypervisor releases requires to operate OSSTEST
  (aka. COLO agreements, procurement of HW, technical support, ...) which
  also required the LF to sign contracts on behalf of the project.

I hope that is OK

Best Regards

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