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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Questions about contributing

Hey Hannes!

2016-10-24 17:26 GMT+02:00 Hannes Mehnert <hannes@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

It is.  What are you interested in?  Running MirageOS for _XXX_ (maybe
this XXX should be done by you, then) ;)

Well, I'm primarily interested in learning about the internals of Mirage itself and OCaml of course, I'm just scratching the surface and would love to dig much deeper.
Regarding practical usages, I'm currently more interested in Xen/ARM (no particular application) than other use cases, I would love to see a Dragonboard or pi3 running a web app unikernel, for instance, not sure if that's possible today or what would involve to be honest :)

As mentioned on this list earlier, there's also
http://canopy.mirage.io/Projects/logging and
http://canopy.mirage.io/Projects/topkg (likely incomplete lists).  I
consider the logging and topkg porting to be rather boring tasks not
very suitable for beginners because you don't learn much.

In my case, given that I mostly know nothing that would be enough to begin with :) Mindy sent very useful and detailed info about topkg porting, I would like to begin with it.

Rather jump into the cold water and implement a protocol or application
of your choice (graphql!?!).

That sounds great! But scary too :p I can try to begin with it after topkg porting, what would be required in the graphql case, for instance?

Thanks a bunch :)

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