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Re: [MirageOS-devel] /etc/network/interfaces [was Re: ipv4 configuration overhauls & dhcp client adjustments]

>> Do you mean that the running unikernel would need to receive an 
>> /etc/network/interfaces file? In which case, what's the mechanism (API?) 
>> that's actually used to pass that in?

>> Or is it something that the deployment toolchain needs to handle, in which 
>> case I guess it could parse the interfaces file and convert it to bootargs 
>> for when the unikernel starts perhaps?

The mechanism that I’m familiar with booting Linux kernels and passing files in 
is via an initramfs that is specified along with the kernel name and boot args 
during boot either by grub or syslinux/extlinux.  The initramfs is essentially 
an cpio that provides a filesystem that overlays whatever is already in the 
root filesystem.  It’s a super convenient (relatively speaking) way of getting 
any needed files into the kernel.  From your question it sounds like Miorage 
does not support initramfs right now….

>the running unikernel 

The booting unikernel rather than the running unikernel.

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