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[MirageOS-devel] Should the xen build of Solo5/MirageOS boot on EC2?

The question is - should the xen build of Solo5/MirageOS boot on EC2?

The virtio build boots OK on EC2, but without network driver.
The xen build does not boot on EC2, grub says “invalid magic number”. Also the 
xen build does not boot on EC2 using syslinux.

Here is the output of virtio target booting solo5/mirage on EC2, which seems to 
make sense because presumably I need the Xen network drivers which are not in 
the virtio build?

          |      ___|
__|  _ \  |  _ \ __ \
\__ \ (   | | (   |  ) |
____/\___/ _|\___/____/
Solo5: Memory map: 512 MB addressable:
Solo5:     unused @ (0x0 - 0x100fff)
Solo5:       text @ (0x101000 - 0x33bfff)
Solo5:     rodata @ (0x33c000 - 0x3aefff)
Solo5:       data @ (0x3af000 - 0x4d5fff)
Solo5:       heap >= 0x4d7000 < stack < 0x20000000
Solo5: Clock source: TSC, frequency estimate is 2399497020 Hz
Solo5: new bindings
STUB: getenv() called
STUB: open() called
STUB: getpid() called
STUB: getppid() called
Solo5: ABORT: virtio/virtio_net.c:309: Assertion `net_configured’ 

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