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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Should the xen build of Solo5/MirageOS boot on EC2?

> The question is - should the xen build of Solo5/MirageOS boot on EC2?

Just to clarify, Solo5 is only used for the virtio and ukvm backends, the Xen backend is not related to Solo5.

> The virtio build boots OK on EC2, but without network driver.
> The xen build does not boot on EC2, grub says “invalid magic
> number”. Also the xen build does not boot on EC2 using syslinux.

If you want to run on EC2, I believe others have run MirageOS with the Xen backend on EC2 but note it runs on Xen in paravirtualized, not HVM mode.

> Here is the output of virtio target booting solo5/mirage on EC2,
> which seems to make sense because presumably I need the Xen network
> drivers which are not in the virtio build?

That's correct, Xen HVM uses the Xen split device driver model, not virtio, so Solo5 does not contain drivers for them.


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