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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Should the xen build of Solo5/MirageOS boot on EC2?

>> That's correct, Xen HVM uses the Xen split device driver model, not virtio, 
>> so Solo5 does not contain drivers for them.

I’m curious to understand - if solo5 had Xen PV on HVM drivers 
https://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Xen_Linux_PV_on_HVM_drivers, would it work on 
Xen/EC2/HVM? Is the only obstacle to it working that Solo5 doesn’t have the Xen 
virtual network and disk drivers?

Is there any chance you might consider including Xen/EC2 drivers in Solo5?

It seems to boot, up to a point anyway… this is the log from starting on 

           |      ___|
 __|  _ \  |  _ \ __ \
\__ \ (   | | (   |  ) |
____/\___/ _|\___/____/
Solo5: Memory map: 512 MB addressable:
Solo5:     unused @ (0x0 - 0x100fff)
Solo5:       text @ (0x101000 - 0x33bfff)
Solo5:     rodata @ (0x33c000 - 0x3aefff)
Solo5:       data @ (0x3af000 - 0x4d5fff)
Solo5:       heap >= 0x4d7000 < stack < 0x20000000
Solo5: Clock source: TSC, frequency estimate is 2399497020 Hz
Solo5: new bindings
STUB: getenv() called
STUB: open() called
STUB: getpid() called
STUB: getppid() called
Solo5: ABORT: virtio/virtio_net.c:309: Assertion `net_configured' failed


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