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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Should the xen build of Solo5/MirageOS boot on EC2?

Andrew Stuart <andrew.stuart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on 11/17/2016 02:52:27 PM:

> I’m curious to understand - if solo5 had Xen PV on HVM drivers
> https://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Xen_Linux_PV_on_HVM_drivers, would it work
> on Xen/EC2/HVM? Is the only obstacle to it working that Solo5
> doesn’t have the Xen virtual network and disk drivers?

Yes, I believe that's the case.  It would be a similar effort to what the virtio drivers was.  Although, there might also be the possibility of using the Xen OCaml drivers, but I'm not sure if they are easy to get at without pulling in the entire PV platform code.

> Is there any chance you might consider including Xen/EC2 drivers in Solo5?

I don't have plans to do it.  Have you considered using the "xen" target (PV) for EC2?


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