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Re: [MirageOS-devel] 3.0 release milestone

On Tuesday, 22.11.2016 at 08:56, Mindy wrote:
> https://github.com/Solo5/solo5/issues/82 - a tracking issue for the solo5 
> components of the MirageOS 3.0.0 release (all of which are completed!  well 
> done, mato, djwillia, ricarkol, hannesm, and anyone I've missed)

Unfortunately I had to uncheck the box on "Audit ukvm interfaces" due to
#117 still being up in the air, and add another item for "Audit ukvm ELF
loader" since I ran into multiple issues with it today (see #126).

Both of these are very fiddly low-level things with a security impact so
it's worth getting them right before a release. Hopefully this shouldn't
take too much longer, fingers crossed.


PS. If there's anyone on the list that considers themselves an expert in
security review of C code, specifically integer overflows, the more eyes on 
https://github.com/Solo5/solo5/issues/117 (and the latest incarnation in PR
#124), the better.

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