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[MirageOS-devel] FYI: Your [FOSDEM] stand proposal for Xen Project has been accepted

FYI: if anyone from our community is attending FOSDEM and wants to help out, 
give demos, etc. - please get in touch with me privately
I am also going to put together a Xen Project related sheet with accepted talks 
on it: if you get talks accepted in the main track or any DevRoom's, please get 
in touch with me

> Begin forwarded message:
> From: FOSDEM Stands Team <stands@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Your stand proposal for Xen Project has been accepted
> Date: 25 November 2016 22:06:33 GMT
> To: "Lars Kurth" <lars.kurth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi Lars,
> The FOSDEM stands team is glad to be able to inform you that your request
> for a stand for Xen Project has been accepted.
> There will be one table reserved for you.
> We have received almost twice as many proposals as we could accept.
> In order to be able to accept more projects, we have reduced most
> requests for multiple tables to only one table.
> You will receive further information about what's expected of you
> closer to the event date.
> Looking forward to seeing you at FOSDEM 2017!
> Best regards,
> Johan van Selst
> FOSDEM stands team

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