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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Porting qcow-format to topkg

Hey Thomas, thanks a lot for your response! =)

2016-11-25 10:23 GMT+01:00 Thomas Gazagnaire <thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

I had a quick look and it seems that you haven't added a .mllib file, e.g. you are referencing "lib/qcow.mllib" in pkg/pkg.ml but that file doesn't exist. So just create that file with a list of the module (or look at what `oasis` would have generated). 

I was a bit confused with your comment, I had lib/qcow.mllib and _tags files actually in place!? :) Finally I realized that they are included in .gitignore and I was using the ones generated by oasis in my first attempt from master. Now is all much more clear, I've been able to get past the "Solver failed" issue above by removing Qcow_s from the autogenerated lib/qcow.mllib file. I'm getting a new error now:

File "lib/qcow.ml", line 46, characters 12-16:
Error: Unbound type constructor B.id

this happens also while trying to build with oasis, will try to find what's going on.


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