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[MirageOS-devel] Unikernels on docker, I missed something

Hi community,

  First I'd like to say that I love the concept of Mirage OS and I'm
convinced that it can be something really interesting for embedded
devices with more an more cores and power. I can imagine one unikernel
per cores or things like that but I'm still a newbie and maybe I'm
dreaming too much, but it is so cool :-). But I'd like to understand
what can be really done, what is realistic compared to what is just a
dream. In this quest I must admit that I'm little bit lost with the
possibility of running Mirage OS as a docker container. I like the
idea bt I think that I'm missing something and here is my question
(feel free to redirect me if I'm on the wrong mailing list, it is my
first post so be forgiving ;-)).

  So I think that I understand that running Mirage OS on Xen is
interesting because you can run an application as a Xen domain.
Basically you compile your unikernel with libraries that are provided
normally by DomU domains and you can replace a complete domain by a
single unikernel right? So you gain memory space, probably some
performance and a better security because by doing this you are
reducing the surface that can be attacked right? But I don't see the
point with docker containers. Because in a container you don't have
any kernel libraries (maybe I'm missing something here). I mean the
application that is running in the container relies on the operating
system where docker is running. What I mean is that you can already
run an application without using the complete environment provided by
the distribution. For example you can run a GO application that is a
static app from scratch [1]. So if you can enlighten me on the
advantage of using Mirage OS on docker it will be cool. I love the
idea anyway. Thanks for your attention and if it has been already
answered please provide me the links, I searched into the archive but
I didn't found it.

Best regards,

[1]: http://blog.xebia.com/create-the-smallest-possible-docker-container/

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