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[MirageOS-devel] Schedule is live for the Xen Project’s Annual Conference - Discounted Registration closes by end of May

Dear Community members,
Community, embedded, automotive, performance, hardware, and security are a few 
topics that will be covered during the upcoming Xen Project Developer and 
Design Summit 
happening July 11-13 in Budapest, Hungary. 

You can find the full schedule here: 
The conference is combines the formats of the Xen Project Developer Summits 
with the Xen Project Hackathons, with talks in the morning and Design Sessions 
in the afternoon.

Here’s a sampling of some of the talks at the Summit:
* Dedicated Secure Domain as an Approach for Certification of Automotive Sector 
Solutions from Iurii Mykhalskyi of GlobalLogic
* Uniprof: Transparent Unikernel Performance Profiling and Debugging from 
Florian Schmidt of NEC
* Hypervisor-Based Security: Bringing Virtualized Exceptions Into the Game from 
Mihai Dontu of Bitdefender
* Bring up PCI Passthrough on ARM from Julien Grall of ARM
* Shared Coprocessor Framework on ARM - Oleksandr Andrushchenko, EPAM Systems
* Secure Containers with Xen and CoreOS rkt - Stefano Stabellini, Aporeto
* To Grant or Not to Grant? - João Martins, Oracle
Currently, we have an early bird special ($250), which will end at the end of 
May (see 
 Note that the overall ticket price is higher compared to the past, as the 
event is 3 days long and based on your feedback from last year, we included 

Also note that you can still submit design sessions: see 
Best Regards
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