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[MirageOS-devel] Building Tutorial Noop on OpenBSD

Hi All

I am not sure if this is the correct spot to ask but i thought i would
start somewhere.

i have followed the direction at https://mirage.io/wiki/install and
https://mirage.io/wiki/hello-world but "make depends" fails as below.

I am not sure how to resolve this? I have tried using
"--use-internal-solver" in a few different places with no success.


asteen:555$ mirage configure -t unix
asteen:556$ make depend
opam pin add --no-action --yes mirage-unikernel-noop-unix .
[NOTE] Package mirage-unikernel-noop-unix is already path-pinned to
       This will erase any previous custom definition.
Proceed ? [Y/n] y

/home/asteen/devl/mirage-skeleton/tutorial/noop/ synchronized
[mirage-unikernel-noop-unix] Installing new package description from

opam depext --yes --update mirage-unikernel-noop-unix
OPAM plugin depext is not installed. Install it on the current switch? [Y/n] y
[WARNING] External solver failed with inconsistent return value. Request saved
          to "/home/asteen/.opam/log/solver-error-73931-1.cudf"
[ERROR] External solver failure, please fix your installation and check
        /home/asteen/.opam/config and variable $OPAMEXTERNALSOLVER.
        You may also retry with option --use-internal-solver
*** Error 66 in /home/asteen/devl/mirage-skeleton/tutorial/noop
(Makefile:13 'depend')

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