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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Building Tutorial Noop on OpenBSD

first question is do you have math/aspcud installed?

another workaround I commonly use is to disable depext (which is
supposed to interact with your operating system packaging system) in the
Makefile, and install external dependencies manually if the build fails.


On 11/10/2017 04:02, Adam Steen wrote:
> opam depext --yes --update mirage-unikernel-noop-unix
> OPAM plugin depext is not installed. Install it on the current switch? [Y/n] y
> [WARNING] External solver failed with inconsistent return value. Request saved
>           to "/home/asteen/.opam/log/solver-error-73931-1.cudf"
> [ERROR] External solver failure, please fix your installation and check
>         /home/asteen/.opam/config and variable $OPAMEXTERNALSOLVER.
>         You may also retry with option --use-internal-solver

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