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Re: [MirageOS-devel] opam pin mirage and opam repo add solo5-dev

Dear Adam,

On 29/03/2018 01:32, Adam Steen wrote:
> Was looking for some help with regards to the follow situation.
> I am using the "solo5/opam-solo5 OPAM remote" so i can track solo5/master.
> but i need to pin mirage from git://github.com/hannesm/mirage#ld-pkg-config
> but when i do
> "opam pin add mirage git://github.com/hannesm/mirage#ld-pkg-config"

does `opam pin add mirage
_https_://github.com/hannesm/mirage_.git_#ld-pkg-config` work (remove
all the _)?

I suspect the `git` url (which uses no transport encryption +
authentication) requires a `.git` at the end of the url (before the
branch).  It is preferable to use https IMHO since that at least checks
the server certificate (depending on your actual opam version and git
and downloader utility, certificate checks may be disabled, I use
`download-command: ["fetch" url "-o" out]` in my .opam/config).


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