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Re: [MirageOS-devel] how to profile a MirageOS unikernel?

On 06/12/2018 17:48, Thomas Leonard wrote:
> There's a cairo2-gtk package that might work. But I think other things
> will have changed too, so it's probably better to build it with an
> older snapshot of opam-repository.

Thanks, cairo2.0.5.0 did the trick, and after a single
s/String.make/Bytes.make in main/main.ml, we got it to compile with 4.07.1.

> However, Lwt's internals got rewritten a while back, and so the
> tracing patches will probably no longer apply. I'm not sure if
> everything will still support sufficiently old versions of Lwt to use
> the existing patched version, so it might be best to check that before
> trying to compile the viewer...

MirageOS unikernels still work fine with mirage/lwt.git#tracing.

> (and indeed this won't give you a flamegraph)

What we get from a simple unikernel doing two HTTP replies is
https://berlin.ccc.de/~hannes/mirage-trace-viewer.png  (see
https://berlin.ccc.de/~hannes/trace.ctf for the trace). However, we
don't fully understand the user interface nor the information presented
(what are the numbers refering to? can we see the duration of each Lwt
task somewhere?)


linse and hannes

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