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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Mirage unikernels and network setup

> it might be useful to include the .xl file you’re using to start it? 

Good point. Here's the network.xl file I'm using:

name = 'network2'
kernel = '/root/vms/network.xen'
builder = 'linux'
memory = 50
on_crash = 'preserve'

disk = [  ]

vif = [ 'bridge=br0' ]

> Also have you tried from a Linux domU rather than dom0? (ISTR sometimes 
> routing being a bit weird from dom0. But as I said, it’s been a while…) Or 
> even just waiting a while (several minutes) for ARP to sort itself out?

I tried, and being from a Linux domU rather than a Linux dom0 does not
seem to make a difference. However, by waiting a bit more, I could
observe a bit more:

- When I first create the unikernel, a `nc 2345` will hang
for 67 seconds, and afterwards terminate with

"(UNKNOWN) [] 2345 (?) : No route to host"

If I re-start the netcat command, then it terminates in a few seconds
with the same message.

If that's useful, here's the result of "ip r" on the Linux domU:

default via dev eth0 onlink dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src

and the dom0:

default via dev enp1s0 onlink dev br0 proto kernel scope link src dev enp1s0 proto kernel scope link src

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