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[MirageOS-devel] removing self from core/maintainers list

Hi camels,

Effective today, I'm stepping down from the core team / maintainer team of MirageOS.

* What does that mean?

I won't monitor pull requests or issues filed on repositories in the mirage/ organization on GitHub anymore.  I am giving up general commit privileges for repositories in mirage/, although I will retain them for a select few repositories for which I am an original author or otherwise am especially involved.  I will not manage releases for repositories in the mirage/ organization.

I do hope to keep making cool things with MirageOS, and I'll stay subscribed to this list.  I'll continue keeping an eye on those repositories I'm particularly involved with on GitHub, although if you want my specific comments on an issue or pull request it will be best to get my attention with an @mention or an out-of-band e-mail.

* Why?

Feeling responsible for these repositories has blocked me from doing the exciting and interesting work of building applications with MirageOS.  I would like to get back to making strange things like telnet server unikernels which let you play games about camels. :)

I'm feeling confident that there are enough new contributors to MirageOS that my departure won't hurt the project.  (In fact, I think there are enough new voices and viewpoints that the project may move forward more effectively with new reviewers and maintainers.)

* Why are you telling us this?

I think it's best for the core team to be open and transparent about its membership, and that includes announcing both new members and departing members.

* I have other questions!!

Please feel free to send them directly to me :)

yomimono (Mindy)

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