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Stepping down from maintaining Solo5 and MirageOS

Dear friends and colleagues,

effective today, I am stepping down from both maintaining Solo5 and from the
core team of MirageOS.

- What does that mean?

I will no longer monitor pull requests or issues filed on repositories in
the Solo5/ or mirage/ organisations on GitHub, with the exception of the
issue of appointing a new maintainer for Solo5.  I am giving up general
commit privileges for repositories in mirage/.

Regarding maintainership of Solo5: Given that MirageOS is the primary
downstream of Solo5, I would prefer that members of the MirageOS
community step up to continue maintenance of Solo5. Failing that, perhaps
there is someone in the wider community who is interested. I will file an
issue to discuss this on GitHub shortly.

- Why?

I burnt out on Solo5, MirageOS and related projects some time in the spring
of this year.  I then proceeded to take a 6 month-long sabbatical, with the
somewhat arbitrarily timed intent of returning to work on Solo5 and
MirageOS in October this year.

Over the course of the past month, I have found myself unable to so much as
merge existing PRs in Solo5 and their dependencies for the upcoming
MirageOS 4 release.

Regardless of whether this means I have yet to fully recover from my
burnout, or that as part of recovery I must move on to new projects and
different challenges, it would be irresponsible of me to cling to my
"ownership" of Solo5 and/or maintainership of dependent MirageOS projects
any longer, and block the continued work of others.

- Why are you telling us this?

This was a hard call, as was the call to write about it publicly. I believe
in being open and transparent with the community, and being so helps me to
get a sense of closure on my decision.

- I have other questions!

Please feel free to send them directly to me.

With thanks to @yomimono for inspiring the general structure of this e-mail,
and seeing that she wrote something similar publicly and survived :-)

Looking forward to a time when I can get excited about work again, whatever
that may be,





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