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Re: Stepping down from maintaining Solo5 and MirageOS

On 11/11/21 07:14, Martin Lucina wrote:

Dear friends and colleagues,

effective today, I am stepping down from both maintaining Solo5 and from the
core team of MirageOS.

I'm sorry to see the projects lose you as a maintainer, but very glad to see that you're stepping away when you need to. I hope the next few months bring you joy, relaxation, and fulfillment in whatever form they might take.

Thank you, again and always, for the excellent work you've done on solo5 and MirageOS (and friends!). Both projects have been enormously enriched by your contributions, your judgment, your wisdom, and your direction. I hope we still hear from you in some capacity. :)

May all your GitHub notifications enjoy their one-way trip to /dev/null ;)




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