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[Predisclosure-applications] Google pre-disclosure application


Per the application procedure published at
http://www.xenproject.org/security-policy.html, I'd like to request
inclusion of Google on the pre-disclosure list.

We have a large internal deployment of Xen virtual machines, mentioned

We also develop Ganeti (http://www.ganeti.org/), an open-source
cluster virtual server management software tool, which has had support
for Xen since its first open source release in 2007. Proof of ongoing,
active development can be seen in its Git repository at

Finally, we're also a member of the Xen project

Information about our handling of security problems and how to report
them can be found at

We agree to the terms as listed in the Xen security policy for
inclusion on this list, and will keep security advisories confidential
during the embargo period as requested.

Please use xen-security-advisory@xxxxxxxxxx (a dedicated alias only
available to employees directly involved in maintaining our Xen fleet
and its security) for the pre-disclosure list.

I believe this satisfies all requirements listed for inclusion, please
let me know if there is anything unclear or missing.

Thank you for your consideration,

Gerard Oskamp
Ganeti SRE

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