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[Predisclosure-applications] Pre-disclosure list application

Application for Xen pre-disclosure list.

We are Public Access Networks Corp. generally known as "panix.com".
Our main web page is at: http://www.panix.com/

We are applying as a public Xen hosting provider. The main page of our
Xen service (Panix V-Colo) is here:


That page includes multiple references to Xen and has links to our
plans and prices.

For security matters, our customers usually contact us at our main
support mailbox "staff@xxxxxxxxx". We provide "security@xxxxxxxxx"
as well specifically for security matters. It is noted here:


We have read the policy and agree with the terms for inclusion in the
pre-disclosure list, specifically the requirements to regarding
confidentiality during an embargo period:


We would like to subscribe "security@xxxxxxxxx" to the list.

Thank you.

- Brian Marcotte
Panix System Administrator

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