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Re: [Publicity] [FOSDEM-Devrooms] Xen Project Virtualization Dev Room Proposal for FOSDEM 14

On 09/25/2013 01:28 PM, Lars Kurth wrote:
do you know who proposed for the alternative Virt DevRoom? Was it Renzo
and Oved, or somebody different. Last year, FOSDEM basically accepted
one virt devroom under the condition that the 3 proposers worked
together. I was expecting the same model for this year also. The only
reason, why I had not coordinated upfront, was because I thought the
deadline for submission was a little later and I had more time.

Hi Lars,

The existing proposal came from Thierry Carrez <thierry@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
indeed under the condition that similar projects would collaborate.
All virtualization related proposals (including yours) have been
grouped in our system and will be evaluated as if they were one.

We will announce the accepted developer rooms on the 1st of October.

The best course of action would be to get in touch with him and see
what you can work out together.

Good luck!


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