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[Wg-openstack] OpenStacg WG Meeting Minutes 2015-07-29

Hi all,

these are the minutes from out meeting today.



Attendees: Konrad, AnthonyP, Bob, Stefano, Jim, Joao

Joao: Started working for Oracle. Previously working on ClickOS.
Now working with Xen and libvirt and OpenStack.

= CI-loop maintenance =
Bob: last time a number of issues to move CI-loop to Xen Project
account. I worked through the various issues and now it is up and
running using the Xen Project account.
AnthonyP: I updated the rpms. In the package, Xen 4.4, plus device model
timeout patch. No failures due to this have been seen yet.
Bob: We had a catastrofit CI failure on Sunday evening. The jenkin's log
went out of control and fill up the disk space. Don't know why yet. I
had to delete log files to get it back up and running. We are likely to
hit this again unless we move the log file somewhere else, or use

ACTION (Konrad): poke Michael regarding CI-loop maintenance.
Need to talk about how to handle the logs.

Bob: Other than that, it is working quite well. Generally it is quite
green. More green that the main CI-loop.

= Status update =
- the device model not starting on time problem is now fixed
- progress on the race between nova scripts and xen vif-script, need
  ACTION (AnthonyP): talk to danpb on IRC
- AnthonyP sent the first patch series for reviews to test OpenStack with

= Open Bugs =
- vif name too long
ACTION(AnthonyP): send an email with this bug number

Joao: what's missing overall?
Stefano: most things are working, look at the CI-loop reports
Bob: some Nova calls are not implemented in libvirt/xen
Jim: I don't know what pieces Nova is using that are not implemented in
the xen/libvirt driver. Some important things might be missing but
off-hand I don't know what they are.
Joao: I started implementing the BlockStat. There are other *Stat calls
and a few NUMA calls that are not implemented.
Jim: I am not sure about the status of NUMA. If everything is there in
Xen, we just need to wire it up. Some things are missing in Xen
altogether, like snapshot support. Dario would know more about NUMA.
There has been some work on the QEMU side for OpenStack.
Konrad: How do you get a list of things that don't work?
Jim: I am looking at major missing features, like migration and crash
dumps. There is a driver function table. New things are added to the
table. Drivers need to implement functions in that table. I have just
looked at those tables, and see what other important drivers
implement. I have also looked at what is implemented in the old legacy
driver (xend). We are certainly there.
Stefano: if you come up with a list of missing things, please send to
Jim: is there anything but tempest to run? Other tests to run?
Bob: Yes. There are a bunch of jobs that are skipped in Tempest. We
should defenitely look at them. There are a bunch of special case  tests
that are escluded from the "full tempest run".
Stefano: any volunteers?

ACTION (Joao): look at the extra tempest tests to see if it makes sense
to run them

Bob: the main pointer is the logs in any of the runs, just search for

- nova does not respect reserved memory for dom0 #1187330

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