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[Wg-test-framework] [Minutes] March Test WG meeting

== Attendees ==

* Aravind Gopalakrishnan (AMD, voting)
* Chris Shepherd (Citrix, voting)
* Doug Clark (Citrix, helping Chris with detailed technical tasks)
* Ian Jackson (Citrix, community representative, voting)
* Don Slutz (Verizon, voting)
* Don Dugger (Intel, voting)


== Agenda ==

* test framework

* review and agree hardware requirements for test lab

* review options for colo and sys admin support


=== Minutes===


Test framework


We will use osstest in the first instance, but will concurrently explore ways of additionally incorporating XenRT, or at least XenRT test cases, into it as a longer term aim.


Hardware requirements


See separate email from Ian to TestWG containing details. DonL suggested we look at RocketPort 32-port PCI. To get ARM in the lab, Ian proposed that the xen developers in Citrix build out semi-custom cases containing their ARM dev boards and ship these to the colo.


Action: Ian to send out detailed hardware requirements to all, all to reply with thoughts on what manufacturers and cpu’s need to be bought to give us right mix.


Hosting requirements for XenRT (Doug) – the hardware specified by Ian could not run xenrt side-by-side with osstest, xenrt requires more memory and possibly shared storage for ISOs and logs.


Our basic premise should be to build out osstest first and add xenrt capability in a later phase, the incremental cost should be low. However, we decided to buy 32GB RAM infrastructure servers in the first instance to partially future-proof the lab (the hardware we need appears to be well within budget).


Colo options (DonS):


Do we go with someone big like Verizon, or someone smaller and more local? We want a full colo service incl sys admin to do the routine maintenance, backups etc. Probably the price quoted by a colo provider would include an hourly rate for a sys admin


DonL: will we have a substantial up-front cost (set up etc)? Yes, and will drop significantly once into steady-state. If paying the colo provider by the hour for sys admin then this can be catered for.


Action: DonS to continue investigating colo providers large and small, and to make proposals / recommendations back to the WG.




DonL: how do you use xenrt?


Doug: could either tie it to submission gate like osstest, or could set it up as a self-service test. Aim would be to allow community to test their own patches, exploiting the test inventory. Ian: osstest would allow this, if a simple web interface added.



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