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[Wg-test-framework] Proposed hardware shopping list

(As discussed, I think.)

Initial hardware requirements

 Operational servers

  * Two identical mid-range servers with (say) 32G of RAM
    Two machines provided in case one dies for some reason.
    (Recovery strategy is to have backup of each VM on each
     server, and to manually bring up the backup VMs.)
    Full on-site warranty.

    To be used as:

      - firewall / NAT gateway  (dom0)
        so each has a global internet connection

      - VM host for infrastructure VM(s)
        osstest probably wants about three infrastructure VMs
          one for pxe/dhcp/etc.
          one for the database
          one for osstest itself etc.

    To be running Debian wheezy with Xen, toolstack xl.

 Test boxes

  * 24 low to mid end test servers, in pairs or quads
    from a variety of manufacturers
    and a mix of CPU vendors
      eg   6x Dell (2x R210, 2x R310, 2x something a bit bigger?)
           6x HP equivalent
           6x equivalent from another big name vendor
           6x no-name servers from supplier(s) local to our colo,

    Minimal warranty


  * One server to be a serial port concentrator running sympathy
    (for osstest) and/or xen use machinery (for xenrt)
       - with a 32-port serial PCI card (eg Rocketport)
       - ideally two PCI slots
       - can be very low-end
       - full warranty
    If this fail catastrophically we replace it with something
    similar from a local supplier and restore from backups.
    Separate from operational server VM hosts to avoid complicating
    VM hosts with hardware support (eg, to avoid PCI passthrough
    of serial port concentrators etc.)

  * One gbit switch for internal network


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